Saturday, March 12, 2011

Elaine: Braised Squid with Artichokes

Squid and more squid! So I decided to do squid 2 ways last night. 1 # this way and 1 # that way. Bittman's way and one of my go-to restaurants Union's way. I'd forgotten how much liquid comes out of these squiddOs. I used some anchovy paste in a tube I had in my frig. You MUST add acid to these squid. Did not add extra sauce to my finished dishes. It was too fishy for my taste (probably the anchovy). I really enjoyed the whole dish when I squeezed fresh lemon juice on top!. The artichokes were delicious. I will prepare artichokes this way more often.
The other squid dish I prepared was with a marinara sauce and white wine. . Again I removed the squid from the sauce because it was still too fishy for me and added fresh marinara sauce, grated some garlic in at the end for some spice and red pepper flakes.
I keep on forgetting that you really do need to add a little something to most of these MINIMALIST recipes. Looking forward to the next recipe.


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