Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ashley: Red Pepper Puree

Well I don't make nearly as much pasta as I used to, but it's still a big hit for my husband and the kiddos. So, I found myself with the beautiful red pepper puree in need of a quick weeknight dinner to suit everyone. I just prepared the pasta and sauteed the chicken with some garlic and the asparagus and tossed everything with the red pepper puree and some pasta water. It was a hit with the family! I've also been spreading on sandwiches at lunchtime and it goes a long way to spruce up the normal drab turkey sandwich. We ventured to Santa Monica and had breakfast at the Huckleberry Cafe this past weekend. I had "Green eggs and ham" and I've thought that the puree would make a great "red eggs and ham" : english muffin, red pepper puree (instead of pesto), prosciutto, fried egg and arugula tossed with a light dressing.


Blogger Kaoru said...

The puree really does add life to ordinary sandwiches, doesn't it? I dipped my grilled cheese sandwich in to it last week & thought it was just the best.

07 February, 2011 15:13  

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