Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jer: Red Pepper Puree

Since everyone has had such wonderful experiences with the recipe thus far, I decided to see what types of results I'd get if I used some roasted peppers purchased from the deli case of my favorite local Italian deli.

I used the nicest olive oil I had in the pantry and some wonderful French sea salt. Voila! Results were absolutely delicious and because I didn't grill the peppers myself the whole thing took maybe 5 minutes (including cleaning of the bowl)!

I sent Jack to daycare the next day with two servings of the puree. When I came at lunch time one of the wonderful teachers in the room said she wished she had some pita chips to eat some of it while she was feeding Jack. The next day I sent Jack to school with it mixed with some avocado. Holy smokes, he ate it in a flash.

For dinner we enjoyed the puree with some roasted cauliflower. Not only delicious but beautiful contrast against the white cauliflower (spooned the puree on the bottom of the plate and served the cauliflower on top of it).


Blogger Julie said...

Ooh, great idea to give it to Jack! I'm going to definitely follow in your footsteps on that one.

I made mine tonight and am going to serve it on some crostini tomorrow. I too was so surprised at how flavorful it was with nothing added! Great one to have in the arsenal, especially for the peppers that have been lying around for a day or two too long (which happens in our house with embarrassing frequency!)

05 February, 2011 22:23  
Blogger Kaoru said...

Great idea on using store-bought peppers. Good to know it turns out just as well.

B loved the puree too!

05 February, 2011 23:40  

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