Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kaoru: Chicken Under a Brick

I got a bit of help from my husband on this chicken. And I’m truly grateful because there was some chopping off of feet involved (our pan was too small), chicken juice everywhere, a lot of heavy lifting, not to mention the smoke detector that went off in the middle of cooking. Oh, and bless his heart, he cleaned everything up after dinner too.

The chicken was good – amazing chicken texture, perfectly crispy skin, visually arresting and incredibly juicy. We enjoyed it. But there was something missing, je ne sai quoi. Depth of flavor? Complexity? Should I have marinated it longer than 45 minutes or salted more liberally?

Since I purchased a 4 lb chicken, we had tons of leftovers. The following day, I reheated some chicken and drizzled some soy sauce on top (did the trick) and ate it with rice. Yummy!