Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kaoru: Steamed Pork Buns

I made Jer's (posting from May 2006) char siu bao yesterday afternoon. Made a ton, so decided to freeze most of them. Now, I have homemade char siu bao on demand!

Pre-steaming: Petite and cute before steaming. I ran out of parchment paper, so used tin foil instead.

In the steamer: Squished together after they expanded.

Post-steaming: Large fluffy char siu bao. The bread is my favorite party - so sweet and scrumptious.


Blogger Jer said...

I love that you made these and I love your photos. My grandmother (lola pat) would be so happy if she knew that her recipes were still being used!!

18 February, 2009 09:29  
Blogger Kaoru said...

They're amazing! I had another one for breakfast this morning. At the rate I'm eating them, I'm going to have to make another batch soon!

18 February, 2009 13:36  

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