Thursday, April 10, 2008

White Easter

I haven't had my laptop for a couple weeks but now its back. So I thought I'd share my Easter cookies. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the Snow Bunnies we made in our front yard with the heaps of snow that poured down on us just in time for Easter.
I'm auctioning off a cookie decorating class for Sam's preschool. I suckered my friend, Shimako from Bittersweet, who taught me everything I know about cookie decorating, to make a guest appearance. We'll see if people sign up. I'm making instructional hand-outs on how to decorate cookies. I'll definitely share those with you once they are finalized. I'm hoping to cover the following in the class: 
  • Cookie baking tips
  • Consistency of royal icing for different uses
  • Dipping vs flooding
  • Making a cornet
  • Different ways to decorate with royal icing (pastry bag, cornet, squeeze bottle, edible markers)
  • Using stamps on dipped cookies
  • Creating another dimension with nonpareils, crystal sugars, decorative sprinkles
  • Royal icing decorations piped onto cellaphane or parchment¬†
  • Classic decorative designs (swiss dots, cornelli lace, snail trail, etc)
Anything else you guys would want to get out of a cookie decorating class? Questions or techniques you'd want answered?


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