Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cookies bring Holiday Cheer

Emergency batch of cookies were needed for the preschool holiday party. I had Poilane's butter cookie dough waiting for me in the frig for christmas baking. I realized I had to bring in treats for the kids. Didn't have enough energy at that moment to whip up royal icing. So, melted up some chocolate and did some quickie piping before scurrying off to school.
I was not in any holiday spirit until I started baking off my gingerbread cookies. The spicy smell of cookies and icing kicked me into holiday cheer. Hope you all had a very sweet holiday and looking forward to more cooking assignments in 2008.


Blogger Jer said...

Question on your chocolate piping. When I try to pipe warm chocolate it comes out and then runs. Why type of chocolate (cocoa level) do you use and do you mix anything into it? I wonder if I just need to wait until its just the right temperature.

Love the photos!!! Beautiful cookies.

11 January, 2008 22:03  
Blogger Elaine said...

yup yup yup. you just have to make the choc the right temperature. when you drizzle the melted choc in a bowl, it should hold a line after 3 sec (same as royal icing). if the line of choc disappears on the surface immediately, a trick is to mix in a couple choc chips to the warmed choc, called "tempering", to get it a little cooler.

11 January, 2008 22:44  
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