Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jer: Pork with Calvados and Apples

I had some of my and Peter's family over for a big family dinner the other night and thought it would be fun to try this dish. Since I was cooking for 15, I decided to roast an entire pork loin (as opposed to pan roasting individual chops). I always pre-salt any meat that I roast Zuni Cafe style (2/3 tsp per pound of meat 1-2 days before roasting) and the pork turned out so juicy and delicious. This salting step by the way has never failed me and makes for the most amazing roast chicken.

And since I was roasting so many apple slices I did that in the oven as well in a big roasting pan. I didn't have Calvados on hand so I used some dry white wine and a splash of port. And I made fresh apple juice/cider from this incredible new juicer that I bought about a month ago and that I love using.

Sliced some fresh black seedless grapes and scattered on top before serving. I liked how the tart/sweet grapes popped in my mouth with the creamy apple sauce. I also liked the color it provided to the dish.

Really liked this recipe and will make it again. Was very easy to serve to a large crowd. Also served some rice pilaf and braised cabbage and fennel which went very nicely with the pork. And the leftovers of the pork were delicious!


Blogger Elaine said...

what kind of apples did you use? i have a ton of granny smiths but i have a feeling they won't cook as tenderly as goldens would. what do you think?

29 November, 2007 21:51  
Blogger Jer said...

I used granny smiths -- for the same reason as you (I had almost a dozen laying around). I used more sugar than I would have with the goldens and thought they turned out really nice. A bit more on the tart side but I like that.

30 November, 2007 00:40  

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