Sunday, July 23, 2006

Elaine: Kofte with Eggplant Salad I've missed cooking. All the spices really overwhelmed me during my first trimester. But now after a couple weeks have passed by, I'm feeling much better and had the best time making a mess in my kitchen again. Plus its been much cooler here this weekend which also gave me the energy to cook again. Using the grill outside made cleaning (for Mike) a little still didn't stop me from using every mixing bowl...heehee!

I felt like I was in chemistry class all over again when I was making the Turkish Baharat spice mix. In that mix, I made my own little concoction with what was in my pantry...instead of summer savory, I also cut some thyme from my back porch, and instead of pickling spice I used a combination of chinese five spice and garam masala which both have similar ingredients from my research.

I made the beef version of kofte being scared that the lamb might be too strong for my taste at the moment. Not being the best with our gas grill, I switched all the knobs to "lite" stepped away for a couple seconds, came back to hit the "ignite" button and a fireball attacked me and my pants. Luckily the lid was on, otherwise I'd have no facial hair left after this assignment. The eggplant and tomatoes were quick easy steps. Being a tomato-holic, I was kinda sad that I had to drain the delicious juices out of the grilled tomatoes. But I was extremely happy with my eggplant salad. So refreshing from how I usually cook eggplant and quite easy. Definitely making that again.

As for my kofte, I overcooked my kofte. Blackening eggplant and tomatoes are a no-brainer. However, cooking kofte on kebabs on the grill is definitely not one of my strengths. I should really stick to my trusty ole' oven. Next time.

After grilling my kofte to death, I thought some cucumber yogurt sauce would rescue my dish. So I stole some of Sam's yogurt, lemon juice and zest, chopped up some cucumbers, salted and olive oiled it and Voile! A sauce to help moisten up my meat.

I'm so glad I motivated myself to cook up this dish. Perfect summer meal. Going to snack on some leftover eggplant salad right now. Thanks Paula Wolfert!


Blogger Jer said...

I am so glad you have regained your desire to not just cook but to eat too! I was feeling so bad for you and was hoping that you didn't lose your appetite the entire time you were preggo with numero dos. Happy! Sounds like everyone has really enjoyed this eggplant salad dish! Great find Ashley!

24 July, 2006 09:06  
Blogger Kate said...

Love the double skewering.

Cooking in your knickers! not even getting dressed these days ;-)

24 July, 2006 14:11  
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