Sunday, March 05, 2006

Elaine: Souffle a l'Orange

When I got back to Chicago from Brussels, one of the first things I did was call Bonnie Slotnick to order a couple books that I've been looking for. One was Chez Panisse Desserts. I've had it on my bedside table ever since it came to me in the mail (my new favorite). So I had to compare how Julia and Chez Panisse did their souffles differently. The suggestions Chez Panisse had were to fold/layer candied peel into the batter, topping with carameled tangerines, pouring cold creme anglaise, or drizzling caramel. I was inspired to attempt the candied orange peel. Definitely recommend all of you to try it if you've never made candied citrus peel. I can't stop nibbling on them. I also look forward to dipping them in some dark chocolate.
Back to the souffle...For the souffle, I used zest of blood oranges. Before putting in the oven, I remember Julia tying a paper collar to her souffle mold to help the souffle climb up up and away!

I will definitely use the paper collar for all future souffle baking. I was so excited to see it climb up 2x high. However, the height of souffles don't last very long.

I had my camera ready before it deflated. So, herd your guest to the table before you take the souffle. l I decided to pair my souffle with a substitute for creme anglaise ... vanilla ice cream (thats been in my freezer since before i moved to Brussels. scraped off the freezer burn and its as good as new). Topping the ice cream with some candied peel added a chewy treat to our fluffy souffle. Delicious.

Candied Citrus Peel-by Chez Panisse Desserts

4 oranges, 6 lemons/tangerines, or 2 grapefruits
1 c. sugar
1/2 c. water
2 T. corn syrup or 1/4 t. cream of tartar
about 1 c. sugar for sprinkling the peel
Peel the fruit in quarter sections. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and simmer until pith turns translucent. Let stand in water 15 min then drain. Make a syrup of sugar, water and corn syrup/cream of tartar. Using a spoon, scrape the white part off peel as completely as possible. Cut the peel into thin strips and add to the syrup. Cook slowly until peel is tender. Turn up heat until syrup turns 230 F/110 C. Have a cookie sheet ready with a layer of sugar sprinkled on it. Drain peel of syrup. Quickly put drained peel on sugared sheet. Sprinkle peel with more sugar to cover. Toss with sugar to separate pieces. Be careful not to burn your hands, cuz I did. Store the candied peel layered with its sugar in a covered container in the frig where it will keep indefinitely.


Blogger Jer said...

The paper tied around the pot is a great idea to encourage rising, especially since the more rising the better as I like the texture and flavor of the bits that have been exposed to air and are browned. And those candied orange peels look like they'd be a great present to give away (in a plastic bag with a pretty bow tied around the top). I'm planning a shower and those might be a really fun giveaway gift.

Does anyone understand the science of the souffle? My friend and I were discussing whether a souffle would rise in a straight edged angel food cake pan. We weren't sure if having something in the center or the metal pan would affect the souffle's rising?

06 March, 2006 01:27  
Blogger Kate said...

Check out this link she has delved into the technique of souffle quite a bit

06 March, 2006 09:54  
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