Friday, September 18, 2009

My Favorite Buttercream

This Buttercream is only made for the special people in my life. It is more work than the go to Magnolia Bakery recipe, but much more refined. Its dangerously light and delicious but if you love it, its worth making 2 batches and keeping one batch in the freezer (lasts up to 2 months), defrost it and re-whip before using.

1 1/2 cups egg whites
3 cups of granulated sugar
3 lbs of unsalted butter
Flavorings: 2 TBSP of extract: orange, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla, orange water, etc OR up to 1.5 oz of alcohol or liqueur: rum, kirsch, framboise, contreau, etc.

Lightly whisk egg whites and sugar together over simmering water until egg white mixture is hot to touch or candy thermometer reads 145F(no grains when you rub your giner in the mix)
Pour hot whites into a room-temp bowl and whip with wire whip until double in volume on med-hi speed and meringue has slightly cooled to touch. Meanwhile cut-up butter into 2" pieces (butter should be slightly moist on outside but cold inside) (Higher speed does NOT allow higher volume-use lower speed)
Remove whip and attache paddle. Add half of the butter into the bowl immediately and pulsate mixture several times until the meringue has covered the butter completely. Add the rest of the butter and pulsate mixer several times. Slowly raise speed of mixer starting with the lowest speed-raise speed every 1- sec. until you reach a med-hi speed.
If meringue starts to curdle, just continue beating until meringue turns into buttercream. Stop mixer occasionally and stir buttercream with a rubber spatula (making sure that you have incorporated all of the butter). Lower speed and add flavor. Beat for 1 more minute to fully incorporate flavor. Buttercream should be light and fluffy.
* In hot weather, use 2 lbs 10 oz butter and 6 oz of crisco (veg shortening)

The Amaretto Mocha Buttercream is delicious too. But Julie, not sure the shots of espresso will be appropriate for this cake ;)
1 recipe of Swiss Meringue Buttercream without flavoring
4 TBSP of Instant Espresso coffee granules
3 oz of Amaretto
Mix espresso granules and amaretto until coffee is dissolved. Slowly pour coffee mixture into Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Beat on med-hi for 2 min.
*You can substite amaretto with almond extract.


Blogger Jerilyn said...

This sounds so good and so hard. I want to come over and beg that you make it for me! :-)

18 September, 2009 17:07  
Blogger Kaoru said...

Talk about a labor of love! Jules... let us know how it goes if you end up making it.

18 September, 2009 19:06  
Blogger Julie said...

Awesome, thanks Elaine! I'm going to go for it tonight! I'm very scared but you only live once :)

I'm going to make it plain, and then I made some dulce de leche and see how it does with some of that mixed in. Elaine, when you do the chocolate version, do you just mix in some melted chocolate at the end, or do you use cocoa?

I'll let you all know how it goes! Fingers crossed...

18 September, 2009 19:22  

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